This week we did the majority of our interviews for radio documentary. On Wednesday we had our meeting with Sue Taylor to discuss how far we were along with the project and whether or not we needed any more help. After this we headed up to the castle for our meeting with Laura, who plays the role of Priscilla Biggadike at the castle. As well as interviewing her about Priscilla, we also had her read some lines out for our radio drama side of the documentary.

After the interview we did the castles wall walk as it goes through where Priscilla Biggadike is buried, so when walking by we made sure we took some wildtrack.

On Friday we interviewed our historian, Jade Shepherd. This went really smoothly as she had done lots of research for us and came extra prepared.

This week the lecture was taken by Sue Taylor and taught us about all of the different ways of holding your voice so that it is acceptable for the situation or news that you are reading.

This week in the lecture we looked at how we can develop our ideas and the do’s and don’ts so to say for radio factual. The workshops and seminars were based on furthering our idea and checking that we are on track.

We have decided to stick with Priscilla Biggadike. Her story is a lot more interesting than the fact that she was just the first private hanging at Lincoln Castle. Priscilla was charged for killing her husband, Richard Biggadike, with arsenic. Priscilla, although not guilty, was charged for murder and was hung. She lived with her family and two lodgers, one of which she was having an affair with, his name was Thomas Proctor. Proctor on his own deathbed admitted that it was not Priscilla who killed Richard, but him.

As this is a very story based documentary, we wanted to include radio drama sections as well as factual interviews as we feel it will add more depth, although we are making a lot more work for ourselves I feel as a team we will be able to finish the workload easily.

This week I took part in ION Media which went really well, I took on the role on OB but instead conducted a quiz for the presenters. The show went down a treat and seemed to go really quickly compared to other shows that I have taken part in.

This week we have started to become introduced to factual radio documentary, in the lecture we were informedĀ about our factual documentary task and its history and role relating to the audience.

In the workshops we chose our groups, we had the option to work alone and submit our final work to the Charles Parker award, however I have chosen to work with Chloe Abraham and Chloe Edwards again as we worked as we had worked so well together last time. To start with we were interested in the Hellfire Caves which are nearby to Chloe Edwards’ home, however the piece needs to be Lincolnshire based. Su Taylor put forward the name of Priscilla Biggadike, who was the first private hanging at Lincoln Castle, this sounded interesting to all of us so we decided to research her when we had the chance. We have a group proposal for this task due next week.

As well as this I am currently preparing for a show that I will be taking part in next week. It is my second ION Media show which will be based on remakes in Film, Television, Games and Radio. I am taking on the role of OB and I have planned to make a short quiz where the presenters guess which is the original and which is the remake.


This week all lectures, seminars and workshops were cancelled. It is the week of our live show to do with Health and Fitness.

This weekend we began our recordings for radio drama. On the 3rd and 4th we had two full days devoted to our radio drama. We decided to record each of our actors separately so that the director could have more time focusing on the voice acting and working with the actor. Meeting the actors that we had never met before was daunting, we had only seen them in pictures and it was like seeing a celebrity for the first time. I feel we got them settled quickly and we finished each day early because we were so efficient. I have started editing the drama but will do the majority of it in the coming week.